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Taliban banned girls from schools, but now let them sit for exams


ISLAMABAD: Afghan girls will be allowed to take their high school graduation exams this week, an official and documents from the Taliban government indicated Tuesday — even though they have been banned from classrooms since the former insurgents took over the country last year.
According to two documents from the Taliban ministry of education, the decision applies to 31 out of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. Ehsanullah Kitab, head of the Kabul education department, said the exams would take place on Wednesday. He provided no other details and it was not clear how many teenage girls would be able to take the exam. One of the documentssaid the exams would last from 10 am to 1 pm. A second document, signed by Habibullah Agha, the education minister who took office in September, said the tests would be held in 31 Afghan provinces.
“This is ridiculous,” said 18-year-old Najela from Kabul. She would now be in twelfth grade and eligible for the exam. “We spent a whole year under tension and haven’t read a single page of our textbooks. How can we take an exam after a year and a half that the Taliban have kept school doors closed. ”

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