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Tamil Nadu: Let there be light, but save power for a shining future | Chennai News


CHENNAI: A unit conserved for Tangedco equals two produced. Nearly 3% of the state’s total energy consumption, or 1,750 million units (MU), is used by government offices in Tamil Nadu each year. Tube lights and fans account for a large portion of this consumption.
Tangedco has now set out on a campaign to replace powerhungry lights and fans with goods made of energy-efficient LEDs. It has requested that a nodal officer from each office participate in the project in a letter to all government departments. The nodal officer is required to inform Tangedco about any lights or fans in the office that raise concerns regarding usage patterns.
Tangedco will write to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) for funding to replace them after gathering information from all offices. The idea will get off the ground in Chennai, but it will eventuallyspread to other districts.
The project’s chief engineer demand side management wing, who is spearheading the project, stated that reducing electricity use is part of BEE’s mandate and will save government offices a tonne of money. “While the newest brush-less DC fans only utilise 28 watts of power, the majority of government offices still use the traditional 60 watt fans. Similar to how energy-saving LED lights only use 18W while being brighter and covering a bigger area than tubelights, which use 40W, “the official stated.
An energy-efficient replacement for all lights and fans would result in a 30% reduction in consumption, according to retired official Appavoo Shankar. Another senior official stated that using such high energyconsuming products does not just require more electricity to be produced.
According to the official, if energy is conserved at the current level of use, fewer units will be produced.
Tangedco headquarters is prepared to implement motion sensors to reduce energy use in order to set an example for other divisions. Rajesh Lakhoni, the discom’s chairman and managing director, said, “We are planning to fix the sensors at the corridors which will light up when there is movement of people. When there is no movement, minimal lighting will be used. We have identified the spots to stall the motion sensors in the headquarters”.
The initiative to lower government employees’ power costs is a laudable one, but experts say Tangedco should also examine other things. While the replacement of lights and fans in government offices by Tangedco will be of standard grade, the ones that consumers use at homes should also be equally good in order. “To save energy, distribution transformer quality needs to be raised, and plant operations need to be managed more effectively. That will be a healthy strategy, “said Shankar.

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