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Tell us your experience of accessing Covid antiviral medicines in the UK | Coronavirus


During the Covid pandemic, a centralised system was developed for prescribing antiviral drugs to high risk patients who test positive for Covid.

However in June this year the system was changed, with each NHS integrated care board (ICB) in England now having their own arrangements. As a result, people who are eligible for such drugs now need to contact local health services to find out themselves how to get hold of them if they test positive for Covid.

We’d like to hear from those who are eligible for antivirals, to find out what their experience has been of this new system. Have you managed to get hold of antivirals? Was the service accessible seven days a week? Was your experience different to that earlier in the pandemic (if you have had Covid multiple times)?

Share your experience

You can tell us your experience of accessing Covid antivirals by messaging us on WhatsApp at +447766780300 or by filling in the form below. 

Your responses, which can be anonymous, are secure as the form is encrypted and only the Guardian has access to your contributions. We will only use the data you provide us for the purpose of the feature and we will delete any personal data when we no longer require it for this purpose. For true anonymity please use our SecureDrop service instead.

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