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The Natural Bodybuilding Federation of Ireland’s National Championships – The Irish Times


The Natural Bodybuilding Federation of Ireland held its 10th annual Irish National Championships at The Helix, in Glasnevin, north Dublin, on Sunday, with a record 148 bodybuilders competing across 21 categories.

The event was first held in Carrigtwohill, Co Cork, in 2013, before being moved to Dublin for the first time this year. “We’ve come a long way,” said Jay Robinson, a bodybuilding judge at the National Championships.

Sunday’s event was a sell-out, with up to 1,000 people packing out the Mahony Hall in The Helix.

“It’s down to the community. Each individual who was competing . . . has their own entourage to support them on the day,” Mr Robinson said.

Mr Robinson said that the bodybuilding community in Ireland is “getting bigger and bigger”.

“The gym is an outlet of people to engage in their own training regiment, and then, when they want to showcase their hard work, they compete, and its become more of a community where more and more people are engaging in it,” he added.

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