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‘The White Lotus’ Season 2 Cast Teases Who Lives And Who Dies


If you are all caught up on the turbulent travels happening with its American tourists in Sicily for season two of The White Lotus, you are quickly realizing that not everything is what it seems.

From dead bodies found floating in the sea to unexpected hookups, there is a lot to unpack now five episodes into this season, with only two episodes left to (hopefully) give these conflicted characters (as well as us viewers) some resolution or closure.

One of the biggest questions that is on the minds of The White Lotus viewers this season is undoubtably Who lives and who dies? At the very start of the first episode in season two, we see Daphne (played by Meghann Fahy) finishing her vacation on the beach, seeming rather pleased with her overall experience in Italy until she comes across a floating body in the water.

Confidently knowing that her character is not one of the deceased, I spoke with Fahy about being able to confirm that she is in fact one of the survivors. “It’s so funny,” Fahy continues. “I think that when I read [the script], I wasn’t like ‘Ah sick, I’m not dead!’ I was just like ‘Sick, I find the dead person’ because that was such a fun, cool thing to shoot.”

We viewers learn shortly after Daphne’s grim discovery that there is more than one dead body found on-site at The White Lotus Resort in Sicily. We know that resort manager Valentina also lives, as we see her show up at the beachfront crime scene in the first episode of season two.

So, might one of the bodies be that of Daphne’s cheating husband, Cameron? Actor Theo James, who plays Cameron, jokes with me when I asked him how does someone get a storyline into the next White Lotus season (which was confirmed for a third season back on November 18 by HBO and HBO Max), similar to what 2022 Emmy winner Jennifer Coolidge’s character Tanya received from show creator Mike White with her storyline arc in season one continuing on into this current season two.

“Not die, firstly,” James laughs. “I don’t know, that’s Mike’s world for us. Genuinely, we’re just happy to have enjoyed season two. It has been a ride!”

Actor Jon Gries, who plays Tanya’s absent husband Greg on The White Lotus, also hinted to me how season two will ultimately play out for viewers. “It will blow their faces off,” Gries reveals.

So, who exactly will be ending their vacation (let alone their life) early? Will it be Bert, Dominic or Albie, one of the three generations of Italian-American men vacationing together? Perhaps it will Tanya’s assistant Portia, who is in search of a memorable European adventure. Could it Daphne & Cameron’s travel “frenemies” Ethan or Harper, the fellow married couple questioning friendships and their own fidelity? Or will it be at least one of the local Sicilian women Lucia or Mia, who might just be biting off more than they can chew with these American tourists?

James carefully shares with me, “It’s unexpected. It’s very unexpected and only is revealed at the very end.”

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