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Thursday, April 28th Solution And Hint


Thursday, baby. It’s back! The day of Thor (who just got a very cool Love & Thunder trailer, by the way).

Speaking of Viking lore, if you haven’t seen The Northman yet, read my review and decide if it’s something you should go see. I absolutely loved it, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

But we’re here for Wordle, so let’s get to it! Today’s Wordle is actually kind of a tricky one, but it’s also a very fun word . . . .

Today’s Wordle #313 Answer & Hint


But first, a hint: Sort of like spicy but not quite.

And the answer is . . . .


I like it! What a great, evocative, flavorful word. It’s like spicy but less common and rather than indicating something hot it just indicates something that has that extra something. A little lime or lemon zest. A little extra spring to the step.

This was a tough one. My opening guess—which the Wordle Bot said was quite good!—did nothing for me. Drape just got me an ‘E’ and fuels (I know) only netted me another ‘S’ and both still in yellow.

Seven was another word that the Wordle Bot was quite fond of, surprisingly, but left me with no new letters and just an ‘E’ in green. So yeah, I went with a word we just had—heist—and that actually got me the most letters yet. I mean, I knew it wouldn’t be right but I did it anyways. Sue me.

At this point the correct answer just sort of materialized. I new the ‘S’ had to be in the third spot and almost immediately thought zesty.

How very zesty of me. Have a lovely Thursday, dearest Wordlers! It’s almost the weekend!

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