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Tributes flow after iconic Australian singer and actor passes away


Tributes from Sydney Morning Herald and The Age readers have begun to flood in.

Belinda, who is recovering from breast cancer, is due to have a check-up at the Olivian Newton-John centre today.

Olivia Newton-John leads the Wellness walk for Cancer in Melbourne, 2013.Credit:Wayne Taylor

She said every time she visited the facility she felt grateful for all Newton-John had done to promote awareness about the disease and raise funds for medical research.

“Given the high rates of cancer in the community, we’re all very lucky she chose to make an impact for good with her diagnosis,” she said.

Lisa Montague said the 1980 musical fantasy film Xanadu, where Newton-John plays a Greek muse incarnated on Earth to inspire a struggling Los Angeles artist, was playing on rotation while she was in Fiji a few days ago.

“Makes perfect sense now. Vale angel Olivia and thank you,” she said.

Trish remembered attending the movie’s premiere as a teenager.

“13-year-old me was thrilled to see her swish past me in her sequinned lilac two-piece suit. Just gorgeous,” she said. “She had a unique voice and was a unique presence.”

Pamela Faulkner highlighted the star’s struggle against cancer and sent her thoughts to her family.

“You fought so hard,” she wrote. “A beautiful person inside and out.”

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