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Trolling Nora Fatehi over religion and Ramzan shows the internet has zero tolerance for personal choice | Hindi Movie News


Nora Fatehi has had the whole country grooving to her music videos and social media users have swooned over her impeccable style. But her recent appearance has attracted negativity on Instagram. Nora turned the airport aisle into a ramp with her glamorous appearance but it seems like her style gave netizens yet another chance to spew venom. While the actress stunned in floral co-ords and dark shades, internet users managed to find faults and even plunged into religious policing. Here are a few attacks that Nora Fatehi faced:

“Isn’t she a Muslim?? It’s Ramzaan month if I am not mistaken??”

Get this straight – Nora hails from an Arab family and it is her personal choice to practice her religion the way she wants. Last time we checked, India was still democratic. So, let Nora take the decision to ‘respect religion and Ramzan’ and take your moral policing elsewhere!

“Ye Andi ko bolo chashmaa nikaale (Ask this blind lady to remove her goggles)”


Calling someone blind and making fun of a person’s eyesight is outright offensive! For all you know, Nora could have had puffy eyes, dark circles or was just exhausted after a long day of work and didn’t want to be clicked at her worst… After all, it’s you trolls who would end up slamming her bad make-up look! Give the actress some space to breathe, Nora is no show doll… it is cruel to expect her to be at her best at all times.

‘Total surgery body’


Unfortunately, the internet is packed with anonymous body-shamers like you. Nora sweats it out in the gym and is a passionate dancer… bottom line being, the actress is just maintaining herself well and let us just declare here that Nora’s envious figure is just hard for you to accept. And even if she did opt for reconstructive options, it is totally her choice! Who are you to comment on Nora’s choice? Just don’t bother the babe with your blasphemy.

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