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Watch: ‘Are political questions fair’, Iran football coach confronts reporter | World News


Iran’s head coach Carlos Queiroz confronted a BBC journalist following another press conference dominated by questions over political issues in Iran. As the pre-match press conference reached an end, the head coach demanded to know why other football managers do not face similar questions on political situations.

In a video shared by BBC reporter Shaimaa Khalil, the head coach can be heard asking, “Why you don’t ask to Southgate these kind of questions?”

“I am talking with you. I ask the pleasure to talk with you. I am asking one thing to you now, the press conference is finished. Do you think it is fair also to ask other questions to other coaches?,” he said.

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“That is the only question I make. Why don’t you ask the other coaches? Why you don’t ask Southgate ‘what do you think about England and the United States that left Afghanistan and all the women alone? Why don’t you ask that?”, he added.

During the press conference, Carlos Queiroz defended the rights of the free press after being asked a question about the “hostile western press”.

During the press conference, Iran striker Mehdi Taremi also said that he is not concerned about any consequences for him or his team-mates after they refused to sing the national anthem before their match against England.

“I don’t want to talk about political issues but I can give you a very short sentence because I respect you: No, we are not under any pressure. The fact is, we have come here to play football,” he said.

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