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Why THIS psychiatrist warns you about staying friends with an ex


Being in a relationship, madly in love and then breaking up is enough of a turmoil. But when it comes to remaining friends, it is not so easy. There are people who struggle to keep up but complicate their lives further and then there are people who simply cut off. Dr. Sarthak Dave shared a video on his Instagram, sharing a simple answer to this debatable topic. Scroll down to know what he had to say.

“The basic rule of a friendship is that we take steps towards a commitment from being friends. We first get to know each other, then build a bond and then get into a relationship. You cannot go the other way round. From commitment to zero, it is not possible, you both have to be stable in your respective lives. You cannot be adamant on being friends without healing and moving on. Then think about it, if you’re in a sound place in life, otherwise your lives will remain complicated,” Dr Dave shared on his Instagram handle.

Here are some rules you should adhere to if you want to be friends with your ex.

You cannot flirt

You cannot truly flirt with each other as it is bound to get awkward. It can rekindle that interest and land you into a complicated situation. If you have agreed on being friends then make it a platonic one which excludes casual flirting and romantic gestures.

Space respect

When you want to be friends with your ex, you have to treat them that way and make sure that you do not invade space. Having that expectation that he/she will spend time texting you, giving you details of their life etc, would be nothing but hurting yourself.

Emotional boundaries

As partners you would run to each other the moment there would be an issue. But once you are done as a couple and decide on being friends, then the emotional boundaries have to be drawn and adhered to. There can be no emotional dependency, no attention seeking or even drunk texts.

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